How Much Is My Home/Property Worth?

I'm now offering free estimates of the value of your property. No visit or phone call is required. Just make your request using the form below. It's easy.

You will get a monthly e-mail with your customized report, and you can change the frequency to every other week if you want. You can un-subscribe at any time.

I've made arrangements with one of the largest property data companies in the U.S. to provide this benefit to my website visitors.  Here is some information on the company that provides estimates:

  • It works with over 3,000 counties to aggregate public record information
  • It works with 18 of the 20 largest banks in the U.S. to help them make mortgage loans and properly value homes

Depending on what public information is available, here's what your customized report may include:

  • An estimate of the value of your property
  • What's going on in your neighborhood
    • What is for sale
    • What has sold
    • What is being rented
    • What is being foreclosed
    • What is being auctioned

The estimated value of your property is calculated using an automated valuation model (AVM), a mathematical formula that 50 Ph.D.s have developed to help banks get a good idea of what your property is worth, based on recent valuations of similar properties with similar attributes.

Your report may even include an estimate of the equity in your property.

Here's a sample screenshot of a report:

More Screenshots of a Property Value Report

Ready for your free estimate and report?  Just use the form below.