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My name is Carlton Holley and I am a licensed Realtor® and real estate broker at SunHaven LLC. Real estate questions can come up at any time. Contact me if you have real estate questions, even if you’re not selling or buying. Contact me if you have questions like:

  • How’s the market?
  • How much did the house down the street sell for?
  • Who’s a good plumber?
  • How much is office space selling for these days?

Your real estate experience will largely be determined by the skills and personality of the real estate professional you choose. I would like to share some information about me as a person, and the skills I can apply to help you reach your real estate goals.

Here is my story--my journey to the real estate business...

After high school, I went away to college to earn the following degrees:

  • Stanford University, Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
  • The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Howard University, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

I began my career at a small electronics company in California's Silicon Valley.  As time went on, I transitioned into a variety of roles in engineering, marketing, sales, corporate strategy, and management.  My last position in Corporate America was with one of the ten largest companies in the U.S.

Much of my time in Corporate America was spent being a part of negotiation teams and sales teams working on projects worth from $10 million to $560 million. The experience I gained during this time has been directly transferable to the real estate business and I use this experience to help my real estate clients.

I ultimately decided to move out of Corporate America to become an entrepreneur. I was quite happy building a business. My business's target market was the World Trade Center and the surrounding financial district in New York City.  The destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 had an adverse effect on my business.

A few days later, I received bad news about my mother's health.  I decided to move over a thousand miles away to support my mother during her health crisis.

Fortunately, my mother met her most serious health challenges at the time, and she had been in the real estate business for about 20 years.  After her health crisis, she did have some lingering health issues, and although not life-threatening, they did impact her ability to work at the level of a successful real estate professional.

I decided to begin helping my mother in real estate. I learned through that experience the value that competent real estate professionals can provide.

My mother was an outstanding professional with superb marketing, negotiation, and interpersonal skills.  I was extremely fortunate to learn the real estate business from her.

I was serious about being successful in real estate.  I worked, studied, and passed exams to meet the requirements for my initial, entry-level real estate license.

Next, I pursued the more advanced real estate broker license so I could legally run a real estate business without needing to be supervised by anyone.  Over time, I fulfilled all the requirements to receive a real estate broker license in three states.

Eventually, my mother decided to retire and I returned to the corporate world. I ultimately realized that I missed real estate and I was not using my real estate skills to help others.

I decided to re-enter the real estate business leveraging SunHaven LLC to help clients.

Why do I choose to work in real estate?

  • I enjoy helping clients achieve their real estate goals by leveraging a combination of business, sales, marketing, technical, and Internet skills, supported by education and experience—and my combination of those things is somewhat unique in the real estate industry.

  • I also enjoy the entrepreneurial aspects of real estate.  Each transaction is like a new business.

  • I choose to work in real estate as a tribute to my mother.

My mother made a tremendous investment in me, bringing me into the real estate business and helping me get started. I truly appreciate the training she gave me, and her guidance and experience helped me avoid many mistakes.

Working in real estate is my way of keeping that investment relevant and using it to help others.  Through this work I honor my mother.

The State of Maryland issues three types of real estate licenses to individuals.  I am a Realtor® who holds a Maryland real estate broker license which is the highest type of real estate license issued to individuals by the State of Maryland.

I help clients sell, buy, and invest in real estate in Maryland.

I also hold real estate broker licenses in Florida and in Georgia.  Plus, I have a network of real estate professionals in many areas.  Contact me if you have a question about real estate anywhere in within the U.S.  If your question involves real estate outside of the areas I serve, someone within my trusted network of real estate professionals may be able to help.

I invite you visit the other areas of this site, and please feel free to Contact Me.  Also, feel free to schedule a Free Consultation.

I hope to have an opportunity to speak with you about your real estate goals.

Very truly yours,
Carlton Holley